Welcome to our schedule sneak peek!

We prepared a list of exciting talks, so you can get a feel for our conference. Please keep in mind that this is not our full schedule. We will follow up with the full schedule in time, stay tuned!

»Privacy on the Net«
Marcos Costales; Long Talk (45 minutes)

Your data (?) Maybe it's not yours anymore

»Stop coding and get people using software! Marketing help for coders.«
Philip Ballew; Talk (30 minutes)

I will show people the practical tools to find their audience and marketing their software. This can range from open source software you built, or Linux based software you are a member of the community for.

»Containers 101«
Pedro Magalhães; Long Talk (45 minutes)

It's 2019 and you are using containers for everything. But do you know how do they work? What special sauce in the Linux kernel made them possible? Is there life beyond Docker?

»Events in your Local Community Team«
arudy (cm-t); Talk (30 minutes)

Sharing some ideas and tips about hosting events within your LoCo Team's area. More than a listing we will try to explain the goal, pro and con of each kind of event.

»The history behind creating snaps and the universal app store for Linux.«
Martin Wimpress; Long Talk (45 minutes)

This talk reveals the history and lessons learnt from fifteen years of delivering software to users and devices at Ubuntu. We explain our past endeavours, including what worked and what didn’t, and how we applied that experience to create snaps, their capabilities, tooling and features that target both developers, users and IoT devices.