UbuconEU Sintra 2019 speaker: Tiago Jorge

More than just being a developer, I have aimed to be a Software Architect during my software-industry career. I am someone that is keen to learn new ways of doing things and provide the best solution regardless of the used technologies, making use of the best practices in the market for software development.

I also like a good challenge and I am not afraid of starting over in a completely new area, as my past experiences say. I've started in Network Security, passed to Telecom area, transportations and now i embrace developing in one of the biggest software companies in the world in the world's most used Open Source database- MySQL

My latest interests are in R&D and keep developing my skills as Software Architect.

Specialties: - Design Patterns and Best Practices in Software Development - Software Quality by Unit Testing - Software Design and Documentation (UML) - Problem Solving - Java (since 1.3) - JEE (2.1 and 3) - C/C++/Visual C++ 6.0 - Application Servers(JBoss, Websphere) - Databases (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle) - Network Programming (Protocols, Management) - Work Management and Goal-Oriented

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MySQL 8.0: The New Replication Features

This session highlights the new replication features in MySQL 8.0. Those that were released pre and post-GA. Come and learn, directly from the engineers, how the new features help you operate, sustain and extend your MySQL Replication infrastructure.