UbuconEU Sintra 2019 speaker: Dario Cavedon

A young 49 year old "boy", married with a wonderful woman, two wonderful daughters.

Ubuntero since the beginning, I'm part of the Ubuntu Italian Community, contributing in promotion and social media marketing. I also contribute to UBports and Remmina Project. In the recent years, I started running, and that changed my life in better - for the second time, first was Free Software.

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Ubuntu Wellness

When comes to life styles, everybody is free to choose his, what else? But coders can't live by the couch nor eating code (indeed!), nor living by the couch. A healty life style can improve your efficiency and better your life. Dario will explain his journey in running and explore the possibilities of using free software instead of proprietary software, often used to leak private date of their customers.