UbuconEU Sintra 2019 speaker: Ksenia

Ksenia is a polyglot and a culture-tech enthusiast. She speaks eight languages while constantly learning new ones in the quest to adopt new thinking patterns and read poetry in the original.

Being a self-proclaimed culture geek, she has created a minimalist, privacy-first app called Invisible City that helps people get offline for some art and culture. Currently she is expanding Invisible City to become a platform where artists can find and book venues for their gigs easily, perform more and get paid fairl She loves flamenco and practices its steps every day before breakfast.

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Why there is no open data for culture, and how we are building it.

This is a story of how cultural communication is broken, and how open data for culture in a tight embrace with an elegant API can try to fix it.

We'll talk about how we've built our API to be a collaborative tool serving culture lovers, data enthusiasts and emerging artists.