UbuconEU Sintra 2019 speaker: Pedro Oliveira

I particularly love UNIXes and of course Linux, as an open source community member. My soul is definitively Open Source since 30 years now.

Specialist of Windows to UNIX / Linux migrations in a wide variety of business and technical architectures, all linked around open source software I'm an expert in php, bash scripting, mysql, postgresql, System Adminsitrator and Bacula Backups Support

Here is a sample of products I use, configure, and manage each day: Bind, Apache, Tomcat, SNMP, Cacti, Nagios, Snort IDS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, VLC client and server for streaming, Divx, ClamAV, Messaging systems like Postfix, Cyrus-imapd, Horde/IMP, Amavis, Samba, LDAP, Bacula Backups, OCS-NG inventory, Xen Virtualization, Kvm and Cloud Orchestration.

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Bacula Community Edition Backups with Ubuntu Workshop

Presentation of Bacula Backups Comunity Edition, Create your own Backup IT professional environment with Ubuntu and Bacula Backups open source Tools