»How to Code Your First Ubuntu Touch App« Joan CiberSheep; Workshop (2 hours)

Settings environment and coding a very basic app for Ubuntu Touch

»Ubuntu Touch UX and Design Guidelines« Joan CiberSheep; Talk (30 minutes)

What are guidelines used in the User Interface design on Ubuntu Touch?

»Opening session« Tiago Carrondo; Long Talk (45 minutes)

All cons need an opening session!

»Containers 101« Pedro Magalhães; Long Talk (45 minutes)

It's 2019 and you are using containers for everything. But do you know how do they work? What special sauce in the Linux kernel made them possible? Is there life beyond Docker?

»Podcast Ubuntu y otras hierbas (Spanish)« Francisco Molinero, Marcos Costales; Podcast (60 minutes)

On live episode of Ubuntu y otras hierbas. With Paco Molinero & Marcos Costales!

»Docker - Tips and Best Practices« Tiago Carreira; Workshop (2 hours)

Already familiar with docker? How about some tips and best practices?

»Privacy on the Net« Marcos Costales; Long Talk (45 minutes)

Your data (?) Maybe it's not yours anymore

»Odoo | Grow your business with all-in-one opensource ERP« Rita Santos (Arxi); Talk (30 minutes)

An integrated platform for process and business optimization

»Docker« Tiago Carreira; Talk (30 minutes)

Docker is a containers management tool, which is being widely adopted among FLOSS software and tools for testing, development and deployment. What is docker, what's its advantages and how to use it.

»Events in your Local Community Team« arudy (cm-t); Talk (30 minutes)

Sharing some ideas and tips about hosting events within your LoCo Team's area. More than a listing we will try to explain the goal, pro and con of each kind of event.

»The history behind creating snaps and the universal app store for Linux.« Martin Wimpress; Long Talk (45 minutes)

This talk reveals the history and lessons learnt from fifteen years of delivering software to users and devices at Ubuntu. We explain our past endeavours, including what worked and what didn’t, and how we applied that experience to create snaps, their capabilities, tooling and features that targe...

»New Media Art Projects with open source.« Joao Bacelar; Talk (30 minutes)

My installations and art projects made essentially with open-source software and coding. Blender, Raspbian, VPT, Processing, Openframeworks.

»Webapp Customization for Ubuntu Touch« Matthew Jump (mateo_salta); Talk (30 minutes)

Learn how to take your Ubuntu Touch webapp to the next level, as we explore customization options, flags, and ways you can get your webapp looking more like an app.

»Ask me anything about snaps and Snapcraft« Martin Wimpress; Talk (30 minutes)

As a developer advocate for snaps and Snapcraft spend a lot of time answering questions from developers and users. I'm sure the Ubuntu community have got questions of their own and valuable feedback too. This is your opportunity to get answers to your questions and share your feedback directly wi...

»MySQL 8.0: The New Replication Features« Tiago Jorge; Talk (30 minutes)

This session highlights the new replication features in MySQL 8.0. Those that were released pre and post-GA. Come and learn, directly from the engineers, how the new features help you operate, sustain and extend your MySQL Replication infrastructure.

»Ubuntu Europe Federation Board Open Meeting« Diogo Constantino; Community Meeting (60 minutes)

Yearly Board Meeting for the Ubuntu Europe Federation.

»Developing an Ubuntu Phone app« Marcos Costales; Workshop (2 hours)

Let's create a simple Ubuntu Phone application

»Introduction to the new Oracle DBA: MySQL & Oracle.« Keith Hollman; Talk (30 minutes)

If you're new to MySQL but know other RDBMS' come along to find out how to get rid of some fears and clarify all those doubts.

»Staying secure with(in) open source« Tiago Maurício; Talk (30 minutes)

Many times we see companies embracing open source but still use proprietary solutions for staying secure. With a bit of effort this isn't fully necessary.

»DeskConn Project: Your computer's connection to things (and vice versa)« Omer Akram; Lightning talk (15 minutes)

DeskConn is a secure, open-source, cross-distro daemon based on Crossbar/Autobahn. Its "components" allow to expose a client's functionality over the network.


MySQL has it all! InnoDB Cluster: Group Replication, MySQL Router & MySQL shell together with JSON datatype for NoSQL Document Store as well as the latest & greatest of MySQL 8.0 with loads of new features for Developers.

»Applied Security for Containers« Jesus ESCOLAR; Talk (30 minutes)

Security Solutions applied to the container ecosystem

»Linux Containers - LXC/LXD« David Negreira, Simos Xenitellis; Talk (30 minutes)

This talk will be a presentation of what is LXC/LXD, what it differs from other container technologies and uses cases. I will also talk about the latest developments and features available. This talk will serve as a good introduction to the LXD workshop that I will be running.

»Hacking the UBports Installer« Jan Sprinz; Workshop (2 hours)

The UBports Installer - the easy way of installing Ubuntu Touch on your device! Let's fix some bugs and implement some new features!

»Monero means Money« Pedro Gaspar; Talk (30 minutes)

A small talk about what is Monero, his history and how it work under the hood

»Puppet & Open Source - More than meets the eye« Carlos Ferreira; Long Talk (45 minutes)

A closer look at open source solutions to use on and with Puppet. Orbital systems and ENCs, to infinity and beyond

»Uyuni: An Open Source solution for managing your software-defined infrastructure« João Cavalheiro; Talk (30 minutes)

Learn how Linux workload management can be made easier with Uyuni and Salt.

»VOST: Open Source meets Emergencies« Mário Santos, VOST Portugal; Talk (30 minutes)

Information is, more and more, key to help population in case of emergency. Open source solutions, that are designed and implemented by digital volunteers, put data front and centre of the experience, creating tools that can be used by everyone.

»RFC 1984 Or why you should start worrying about encryption backdoors and mass data collection« Esther Payne; Talk (30 minutes)

RFC 1984 : What are RFCs and why do they matter? What is happening in the world now with mass surveillance? Also peacocks.

»Meet the UBports Installer« Jan Sprinz; Lightning talk (15 minutes)

The UBports Installer - the easy way of installing Ubuntu Touch on your device!

»State of the Touch - Ubuntu on phones and tablets« Jan Sprinz; Long Talk (45 minutes)

A deep dive into the present, past and future of Ubuntu Touch.

»Ubuntu Touch smoke testing« Jan Sprinz; Workshop (2 hours)

We will take a look at the Ubuntu Touch smoke testing plan and explore areas that need improvement.

»Conducting Code and Conducting Communities - Are We Doing Enough?« Rute Correia; Long Talk (45 minutes)

Is Ubuntu's Code of Conduct good enough? As we evolve from a community of developers to a community of people, maybe it's time that is addressed on the code of conduct.

»Automate your deployments with ubuntu« Jesús López; Community Meeting (60 minutes)

In this talk I will show how to automate Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment from ubuntu

»Privacy and Decentralisation with Multicast« Brett Sheffield; Long Talk (45 minutes)

This talk explains why multicast is the missing piece in the decentralisation puzzle, how multicast can help the Internet continue to scale, better protect our privacy, solve IOT problems and make polar bears happier at the same time.

»Bacula Community Edition Backups with Ubuntu Workshop« Pedro Oliveira; Workshop (2 hours)

Presentation of Bacula Backups Comunity Edition, Create your own Backup IT professional environment with Ubuntu and Bacula Backups open source Tools

»SRE Insights on hosting thousands of Drupal sites on nearly 22k Ubuntu Instances« Ricardo Amaro; Talk (30 minutes)

Acquia is a dedicated Drupal hosting, running on top of almost 20 thousand Ubuntu Instances, providing the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing web digital experiences.

»Ubuntu for Redteam operations« Claudio Chifa; Talk (30 minutes)

Redteam goes beyond the technological vulnerability: it is a human team, which carries out attacks (always controlled) to an objective and scope, which has been previously defined by the client and under a contract of confidentiality. This talk will explain how Ubuntu contributes to Redteam opera...

»Your development environment in a few commands« Vadim T.; Lightning talk (15 minutes)

How to prepare your development environment quickly and easily, in a few commands, with Ubuntu.

»Happy 15th birthday Ubuntu!« Tiago Carrondo; Talk (30 minutes)

It's an orignal idea from Nick Vidal, but he couldn't make it, so I'll be his voice!

»Join the fediverse - start hosting your own Matrix.org server and chat freely« Ben Parsons, Andrew Morgan (anoa), Brendan Abolivier; Workshop (2 hours)

If you'd like to start hosting your own Matrix Synapse homeserver, join this workshop and we'll talk you through it

»Learn LXD system containers« Simos Xenitellis, David Negreira; Workshop (2 hours)

Ubuntu has built-in support for LXD system containers. In this workshop, we learn how to setup and use them, no prior experience required.

»Stop coding and get people using software! Marketing help for coders.« Philip Ballew; Talk (30 minutes)

I will show people the practical tools to find their audience and marketing their software. This can range from open source software you built, or Linux based software you are a member of the community for.

»What takes to do an Ubucon?« Tiago Carrondo, Lopo Lencastre de Almeida; Talk (30 minutes)

From Xixón to Sintra, and that happened in between...

»Odoo Community, Building Truly Open Source Business Apps« Daniel Reis; Talk (30 minutes)

Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is an open source platform to build business applications, now embracing an Open Core business model, at odds with strict Open Source values.

An independent Odoo Community Association (OCA) was created by community members, with the mission to support the community's colla...

»How to run a public-facing service for 27 years (and counting)« Marcos Marado; Talk (30 minutes)

"Selva Virtual" is the first and oldest Portuguese Virtual World, up and running since 1992. What does it take, and how do you run a service for this long?

»Bootstrap a podcast from zero« Marius Quabeck; Talk (30 minutes)

Do you want to publish your own podcast? Do you ever wonder what tools to use or even how to get started? Find out how to broadcast to strangers on the internet in this talk!

»Why there is no open data for culture, and how we are building it.« Elena Kolevska, Ksenia; Talk (30 minutes)

This is a story of how cultural communication is broken, and how open data for culture in a tight embrace with an elegant API can try to fix it.

We'll talk about how we've built our API to be a collaborative tool serving culture lovers, data enthusiasts and emerging artists.

»Mashup Show« Marius Quabeck; Podcast (60 minutes)

We will do a live podcast recording talking about some news and (obviously) about UbuCon Europe!

»Container Security Workshop - 101« Jesus ESCOLAR; Workshop (2 hours)

How to secure containers and micro-services with OpenSource solutions

»Making a Chatbot using Python with Matrix« Ben Parsons; Workshop (2 hours)

Matrix is a platform for decentralised messaging. In this workshop we'll learn about what makes a good chatbot, and how to get started building bots for Matrix.

»Expected and unexpected uses of Ubuntu« Gustavo Homem; Talk (30 minutes)

Ubuntu in real world applications of different types.

»Improving educational materials with eye-tracking, sensors and Ubuntu« Michal Kohutek; Talk (30 minutes)

Using traditionally marketing tech, such as eye-tracking heatmaps and emotion recognition to improve educational texts.