»Making a Chatbot using Python with Matrix«
2019-10-10, 14:30–16:30, S2 Bionic Room

Matrix is a platform for decentralised messaging. In this workshop we'll learn about what makes a good chatbot, and how to get started building bots for Matrix.

Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication over the Internet. It can be used to power Instant Messaging, VoIP/WebRTC signalling, Internet of Things communication - or anywhere you need a standard HTTP API for publishing and subscribing to data whilst tracking the conversation history.

There are Python SDKs available for interfacing with Matrix as a client (that is, doing things a client application or bot would do, such as sending and receiving messages.)

In this workshop we will investigate how to interact with the Matrix platform, first using curl HTTP calls, then using Python. We will use the Matrix Python SDK to read messages, and extract their contents.

Finally, we'll investigate some different ways to decide how to respond to messages.