»Ubuntu Wellness«
2019-10-12, 15:30–16:00, S1 Disco Room

When comes to life styles, everybody is free to choose his, what else? But coders can't live by the couch nor eating code (indeed!), nor living by the couch. A healty life style can improve your efficiency and better your life. Dario will explain his journey in running and explore the possibilities of using free software instead of proprietary software, often used to leak private date of their customers.

My talk is about my journey in changing my life from a average lazy man, to an active runner, using only Free Software to track and record my activities. When I started running, I decided to use only Free Software in my activities, because of privacy concerns about proprietary software. I had with no idea of what software I can use to track my runs, but found some useful app as "Activity Tracker" for Ubuntu Touch. I also use other programs that respect of my freedom and my privacy, that help me to eat better and live better. I will talk about them all.