»SRE Insights on hosting thousands of Drupal sites on nearly 22k Ubuntu Instances«
2019-10-11, 11:00–11:30, A1 Ubuntu Auditorium

Acquia is a dedicated Drupal hosting, running on top of almost 22 thousand Ubuntu Instances, providing the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing web digital experiences.

In this session I will unveil some insights on how we created and manage a large fleet of nearly 20,000 Ubuntu instances providing several web related services.

I will talk about the reliability challenges, the secure and scalable environment we created for the 55,000 production sites running on top of Ubuntu LTS and the advantage we saw of some powerful features this Linux distribution brought to us.

As a Principal Site Reliability Engineer I am focused on incorporating aspects of software engineering and applying them to infrastructure and operations problems. Ubuntu helped us achieve the goal of creating a scalable and reliable cloud system.