»The history behind creating snaps and the universal app store for Linux.«
2019-10-12, 14:30–15:15, A1 Ubuntu Auditorium

This talk reveals the history and lessons learnt from fifteen years of delivering software to users and devices at Ubuntu. We explain our past endeavours, including what worked and what didn’t, and how we applied that experience to create snaps, their capabilities, tooling and features that target both developers, users and IoT devices.

Targeting Linux as an application developer is hard, due to the multitude of distributions with differing release cadence and library versions. Discovery of software for Linux users is fragmented with some applications in distribution package repositories, some on project websites, some in Git releases, some in 3rd party or personal package repositories.

As an application developer, you have a long tail of old versions in use in the wild, but no real insight into how many people are using your software. Sophisticated applications have complex installation instructions that can be a barrier to entry for many users.