»Your development environment in a few commands«
2019-10-11, 11:30–11:45, S3 Xenial Room

How to prepare your development environment quickly and easily, in a few commands, with Ubuntu.

I would like to explain how simple, fast and convenient it is to use Ubuntu to prepare a development environment for web developers.

For this presentation I will use free software programs, with visual examples of all the steps to follow. First I will show how to install LAMP, node.js and VSCode editor, through console. With everything installed I will show a couple of examples of local application deployment.

Once this is finished, I will show how to create a basic bash script for the automatic preparation of the environment with the start of Ubuntu. With this script, the Apache and Node servers will start when the operating system starts, leaving the development environment ready.

Once the script has been prepared, you will see how to make it run each time the operating system is started.

And "voilá", you already have your development environment ready with a bunch of simple commands.