»Stop coding and get people using software! Marketing help for coders.«
2019-10-10, 15:15–15:45, A1 Ubuntu Auditorium

I will show people the practical tools to find their audience and marketing their software. This can range from open source software you built, or Linux based software you are a member of the community for.

Have you spent years coding software you think is good, but are struggling to find people who use it? I will help you find out exactly who would be interested in using your software, and what you need to do in order to get them using it. I will help you use these new found people to grow your community of software users for little to no budget.

Social Media for your software project can be daunting. I can help.

-- Finding your audience on social media

-- Using social media to grow your software

Is there another market of people that would want to use your software?

-- See what the type of people are that use your software and what they all have in common.

-- Is there a type of person using your software you don't know?

We will go over different skills and tactics for every budget your software or software community has.

-- Advertising, and doing so on a low budget

-- Is your software a non-profit? You might qualify for free advertising.

I will be at the conference the whole time and will schedule one on one sessions with people helping with advice and tactics to grow their software projects and communities