»VOST: Open Source meets Emergencies«
2019-10-13, 10:00–10:30, A1 Ubuntu Auditorium

Information is, more and more, key to help population in case of emergency. Open source solutions, that are designed and implemented by digital volunteers, put data front and centre of the experience, creating tools that can be used by everyone.

At VOST Portugal we help populations by sending real time information in case of emergencies such as natural disasters or forest fires. Our mission and main objectives would not be possible, from the technological and financial standpoint without open source software and tools, since we are volunteers with no funding at all. Our talk will focus on the following: - A brief introduction to digital volunteering and to VOST - Virtual Operations Support team - Case study: Já Não Dá Para Abastecer (do’s and don’t and why proprietary software is not a solution) - Presentation of two main projects built and developed using open source tools