»Odoo Community, Building Truly Open Source Business Apps«
2019-10-10, 14:30–15:00, A1 Ubuntu Auditorium

Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is an open source platform to build business applications, now embracing an Open Core business model, at odds with strict Open Source values.

An independent Odoo Community Association (OCA) was created by community members, with the mission to support the community's collaborative efforts. With the adoption of the Open Core business model by the Odoo editor, the OCA has also taken the role to uphold the Open Source values and promote a sustainable balance in the Odoo ecosystem.

In this talk we will learn about the Odoo project, the mission and work of the OCA, and the complex dynamics in this heterogeneous ecosystem.

Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is an open source platform to build business applications, and includes a rich set of apps supporting about all common business processes, from CRM and Sales to Inventory and Accounting.

At some point, the company driving Odoo development embraced an open core business model. Open core is at odds with the strict Open Source definition, and a growing pressure from the Enterprise Edition over the Community Edition is visible .

The Odoo editor has a compromise with the community to keep 80% of the code free open source, and makes efforts to keep that ratio, but we can also see important features being moved to the non free version.

On the community side, participants range from strict open source activists, alien to the Odoo Enterprise business model, to companies fully embracing the Enterprise business model. Occasionally we see forks, some more consequential than others, some to propose a stronger open source model, some just opportunistic to monetize the open sourced work.

The Odoo Community Association (OCA) was independently created by community members, with the goal to support the collaborative development of Odoo features, and has Open Source as a core value.

It was only natural for the OCA to support and promote maintaining open source alternatives to the key features made available only in Odoo Enterprise Edition.

The OCA has challenging but important role in setting a strong basecamp for the community efforts, and keep some balance in this dynamic heterogenous ecosystem, with all it's intrinsic frictions.