»How to run a public-facing service for 27 years (and counting)«
2019-10-11, 16:00–16:30, S2 Bionic Room

"Selva Virtual" is the first and oldest Portuguese Virtual World, up and running since 1992. What does it take, and how do you run a service for this long?

It was in 1990 that the first Internet connections begun being commercialized in Portugal, by PUUG. Two years later, the .pt domain was created, the first national web server started running, as well as the first Portuguese talker - a text-based virtual world. Fast-forward twenty seven years, and most people don't remember a world without ubiquitous Internet connections, the Internet often gets confused with the world wide web, and most people walk around with a computer in their pockets. But while all this changed, the Portuguese virtual world created in 1992 is still up and running. This talk tries to tell the story of "Selva Virtual", the twenty seven year old talker, with social and technical tales of what took it for such a service to survive and outlive so many other trends that came and went.