»Puppet & Open Source - More than meets the eye«
2019-10-12, 10:00–10:45, S1 Disco Room

A closer look at open source solutions to use on and with Puppet. Orbital systems and ENCs, to infinity and beyond

Configuration Management - The Final Frontier. This talk is a "put into words" of 16 years of open source automation, orchestration and configuration management. From server management with Puppet, to full-blown infrastructure, public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, every Systems Administrator and/or DevOp will find himself at a dead's end regarding the limits of the "basic" community Edition of Puppet. Ranging from simple catalog generation via a database, to memory based cloud deployment through Bolt, every tool that is needed can be and is Open Source. This talk evolves around few key examples of production level code that I used in the past, and some I still use to date, as an inspiration for the OSS community to use as ideas for the future.